Wanderings: Kalk Bay and the Coconut Ice Cream

For me, ice cream knows no season, no time. It is not confined to labels such as “dessert” or “summer”. If ice creams calls me, I answer.

That is how Riyadh and I ended up in the little seaside town of Kalk Bay, in search of the best coconut ice cream I have ever tasted. Being quite the connoisseur of ice creams, having sampled this delight wherever my little feet have carried me, I can argue that being one of my favourites is no small feat. If I close my eyes after popping a spoonful of the coconut flavour (my favourite) into my mouth, I can almost feel the soft, fine sand of a white tropical beach between my toes. I can see the cool and clear turquoise waters in front of me while the ice cream and the shade of an overhead palm tree offer me relief from the heat. It’s like a mini holiday in a cup!

Ice cream in Kalk Bay_RoxStarrDiaries

If you don’t believe me, head down to Kalk Bay for yourself and give it a try. Park along the main road and stroll past all the vintage, clothing and craft shops that line the one side of the street. There are so many little hidden treasures along the way. I found a small bounty of antique crockery to use as props for my photography. And once you have your ice cream cup, you can pop across the road to the harbour or one of the beaches and dip your toes in the cool sea water while you enjoy your mini-holiday, one spoon at a time… *happy sigh*


Kalk Bay Station_RoxStarrDiaries

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