We are keen to collaborate with other businesses and bloggers in the travel and food industries.




We offer ad space on our blog site and in our blog post on various pages.

We are also open to doing sponsored posts, product reviews and engaging in affiliate programmes.

Please note, we will not endorse a product or place that we have not tried or do not approve of.

If you send a product to us, please know that we will happily try it, but merely sending the product does not guarantee a review on our blog. Nor does inviting us to your location guarantee a review. If we enjoyed your product or destination, it is highly likely that we will post a review. However, if we did not enjoy using your product, we will first provide you with our feedback before posting anything on our site, giving you the opportunity to rectify the problem or respond to the concern. If we do decide to post a review under these circumstances, your response will be included in our post. We reserve the right not to create a blog post that in any way compromises the relationship we have with our readers or is in any way untruthful.



We are open to collaborating with other bloggers on posts and blog-related projects.


If you would like to work with us, please feel free to use the contact form below to contact us or email us at info@accidentalambrosia.com.