Refreshing Berry and Watermelon Coolers

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In case you were wondering about the iced, fruity drink that kept me refreshed while I was preparing my summer soup, I tossed together a few sweet, pink fruits for this delicious cooler. Berries and watermelon have such sweet fresh flavours and watermelon in summer is a must! I have so many childhood memories of carelessly eating huge slices of watermelon the size of my face, while the juices ran down my arms. And then we would wash it off with a splash in the ocean. Ah, the good old days…

Refreshing Berry and Watermelon Coolers


A few slices of chilled or frozen watermelon, slightly thawed.

½  cup of blueberries

½  cup of strawberries

½ cup of cherries, depitted.

1 litre of cranberry or apple juice (or lemonade if you prefer a fizzy version)

Crushed ice

Crushed mint leaves (optional)

Sugar or honey to taste (optional)

Blitz the watermelon and berries in a food processor until smooth. You can remove any large chunks of fruit but I prefer to blitz until I have a smooth consistency because I want all the fruit in the drink. Pour your apple or cranberry juice into a large jug and then add the fruit and mix. If you find that the drink is not sweet enough (this will depend on the sweetness of the fruits) you can add additional sugar or honey at this point. Toss in the crushed ice and add a few sprigs of crushed mint leaves. Serve with a whole fresh cherry and a slice of watermelon as  garnish.

And then toss it back with sweet abandon, without concern about spills here and there. Once you have had your fill, dive-bomb into the pool to wash off any juice that may have found its way onto your face or arms. Refreshed???

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