Elgin Hills Luxury Tented Camp

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Sometimes, we just need to get away.


We love our work. We have committed ourselves to creating a life that is filled with passion, rather than working in a 9-5 that just makes us want to crawl back under the covers every weekday morning. But even with the passion, building new businesses from the ground up comes with its own set of unique challenges.

Long hours – working from early in the morning and well into the late night and working on weekends can eventually take their toll, no matter how passionate you are.


Balance is so important, so we decided that a getaway was in order. Well, my mom decided that for us… but that’s another story.



So we packed up our 4×4, Squeaky, and headed up the N1, through Franschhoek, to the Elgin Valley. I deliberately chose a longer route so that we could enjoy the roadtrip and see a part of the Western Cape that neither of us had seen before. Clearly, I am a genius. πŸ™‚

After about 2.5 hours on the most beautiful stretch of road imaginable, we finally arrived in Elgin at a luxury tented camp where we would be spending 3 stunningly peaceful days and 2 impeccably silent nights.


The website states that you can use a normal car to get there but a 4×4 is highly recommended.


We extend that same recommendation. Squeaky handled himself well on the bumpy terrain but we couldn’t help but wonder how a normal car would make the trip as we were flung around the cabin of our 4×4 on our way to the campsite (I exaggerate. There was no flinging. But things were definitely bouncing and had our eggs not been securely packed into a cooler, we would have expected some casualties when we arrived). That being said, on day 2 of our trip, two more guests arrived in a Golf 4 and while we cannot make any assumptions as to the state of their vehicle on arrival, there was no noticeable damage to the body or chassis from what we could see.

The campsite itself was a dream location for a getaway. Quiet and tranquil, the groundskeeper has his own vegetable patch growing next to the lapa and is a wealth of information (if you stop to ask him) about what kind of veg to grow seasonally as well as the best ways to cook your fresh produce.



We enjoyed stunning views of the Palmiet River from the deck of the lapa while indulging in our breakfasts and dinners that we prepared over the fire or in the fully equipped kitchen.


Feeling brave, we headed down to the river for a refreshing swim in its cool but dark waters but ending up chickening out and grabbing one of the nearby canoes for a paddle up the river – we love a bit of adventuring. πŸ™‚



Our tent had a double bed with mosquito net, but we were told we could request additional bedding and a mattress if we had any little people with us. Our tent’s private ablution area was gorgeous – with a toilet and rustic but luxury style basin and shower. The tent was also equipped with electricity and basic lighting, so we could charge our cell phone, but we ended up with nothing more than a glorified camera, alarm clock and calculator, because reception is almost non-existent. When I say almost, there is no “spot” you can go to. The “spot” finds you, if it wants to find you, when it wants to find you. But that gave us the perfect motivation to actually finish reading that book and watch a few movies on our laptop while cuddled up in our warm bed with nature silently whispering outside our tent.



We have no scoring system (maybe we should have one) but if we were to have one,

we would give Elgin four thumbs up, 5 golden stars and a partridge in a pear tree.

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