We are always excited to work with a variety of brands across the lifestyle spectrum.

We offer a variety of services, both through partnership opportunities with brands and as online marketing consultants.  For more information on how we can work together or how we can assist you to market your business, brand, product or service, please feel free to email us at hello@accidentalambrosia.com or complete the CONTACT FORM  below.

Influencer Partnership Opportunities

Do you offer a range of food or travel related products or services that would appeal to our social media and blog audience?

As brand ambassadors, we will promote your brand, products and/or services on our blog and across our social media platforms on an ongoing basis, through a long term partnership, create content you would be able to use for your own marketing and be available to participate in your marketing campaigns.

Press or Brand Events are a great way to launch a new product or service and give your brand an awareness boost.

We are always honoured to receive invitations to attend press events, launches or brand experiences and share our experiences with our followers.

Giveaways and competitions are an excellent way to build your brand's fan base and create some hype around a new or existing product or service.

We love creating giveaways in partnership with food and travel related brands to give something back to our amazing followers and to help our clients promote their amazing products and services.

Do you need a small boost in your marketing activities? A great way to do that is through favourable reviews by trusted influencers.

Consumers trust positive reviews from friends, favourite celebrities and relatable social media personalities more than conventional advertisements. Brands regularly approach bloggers and social media influencers to assist them in marketing their brand, products and services through reviews. Let us review your offering to help you build your fan base and create awareness for your product, brand and service.

Online Marketing

As bloggers and vloggers, content creation is a big part of what we do and great content is the key to effective community building and engagement.

We assist our clients in creating quality written and visual content, both for their website, blog and for the social media channels. Our content creation services also extend to basic photography, videography and copywriting for the purposes of content creation.

The best way to boost engagement and build your community faster is through a social media campaign.

We can assist you in conceptualising, planning and implementing engaging and strategic social media campaigns for brand awareness, product launches or community building.

Marketing a business can seem overwhelming when you consider all the activities, activations and interventions you could engage in to build your brand's awareness and get your product or service out there.

Whether you are struggling to figure out where to begin marketing your new business, or you have an established business in need of some fresh marketing ideas, we can assist you in setting up a comprehensive marketing strategy to help you reach your digital audience.

Do you or your team need some basic training or a touch up on your social media skills and knowledge?

We provide basic and intermediate training and strategy coaching for some of the most effective social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Interested in working with us?

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